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Yomee: The smart way to make fresh yogurt everyday

Yomee is a fully automatic, easy way to make healthy yogurt to your taste from the convenience of your home. With the use of our custom designed hardware, Yomee pods, and your choice of milk, you'll get incredibly fresh, chilled, made-to-order yogurt in just over 6 hours.

Fresh Made
Zero hassle
Vegan friendly
Greek, plain & stirred

Yomee saves you money

Many commercial yogurts are loaded with added sugars, fillers, artificial flavors, and even preservatives to increase shelf life. And worst of all, many supermarket yogurts do not even contain live active cultures. Live active cultures may be helpful for improved gut health, digestions, and immune system. And at Yomee, we believe that yogurt should not only taste amazing but help you feel your best.


Store Bought

Average store brand costs $1.50 per 6oz

Too much sugar. Some brands have more sugar than a Twinkie

Little or no live active cultures

Added stabilizers, gums, thickeners, artificial flavors, and colors

Long expiration dates means older, less flavorful yogurt

Yomee Yogurt

Yomee costs $0.50 per 6oz

You control the amount of added sugar, if any

Abundant with live active cultures

Free of artificial ingredients, additives, fillers

Make Fresh and flavorful Yogurt anytime you like. Greek, Plain or Stirred